Marco Travel is an international travel agency established in 2016, with branches in Italy and Albania. Our first operating countries were Italy and Albania, then successfully moving forward to international countries, offering services and collaborations. Our agency has more than 500 collaborations with worldwide companies such as flight companies, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, hospitals, medical clinics and many more. Throughout the years we have had an average of 100k satisfied clients from all international countries. In 2016, Marco Travel was one of the first agency to operate not only in tourism but also travel packages for medical treatments as well as health & tourism.


Marco Travel is a travel agency operating in many fields such as tourism, travel tours, health tourism, medical treatments in foreign countries and many more.
A list of our services in details and what they include:


-All-inclusive packages for families or individuals that include flight tickets, accommodation, tours, bus transport (airport-hotel-airport), food, beverages, entertainment, fitness & spa.
All services included in all inclusive packages are according to resorts/hotels and the services they offer.

-Flight Tickets from/ to all countries with different partner companies. Marco Travel is the intermediate between various flight companies, making traveling in all countries possible.

-Flight + Accommodation packages include flight tickets and accommodation (with breakfast included - depending on the hotel).

-Tours in/outside the country with guides in local language. Travel countries and cities while learning of history and best tourist places in ach one.

-Dedicated Packages, chosen by clients according to their need and preferences. These dedicated packages allow you to choose the best dates and deal for you.

-Dedicated charter flights. Our company has specific dates of flight in each country. Dedicated charter flights allow you to choose the date as preferred and not the specified dates by our company.


Health & Tourism packages include flight tickets, accommodation, hospital services for the following treatments:

- Dental Care
- Aesthetics Surgery
- (Minor) Medical treatments


-Treatments in the world’s best hospitals for medical procedures to treat a broad range of health problems and diseases. Assistance of helicopter flights for emergency medical reasons to hospitals. The medical treatment package includes flight, accommodation and hospital services.

The medical treatments included are:

- Cardiology
- Orthopedics
- Oncology
- Neurology
- Etc…


Our Mission

Since the establishment of Marco Travel our mission was to provide professionalism and dedication to our clients, to offer the best services and fulfill their every need. The satisfaction of our clients is our main priority. As such we have made it possible to offer packages for every type of travel, whether for entertainment, treatments, events, medical reasons and much more… For many years now, we have operated internationally with more than 100k satisfied clients. We care deeply about our clients experience and assure to make their experience as perfect to reality as possible.

Our Vision

Traveling can be expensive and sometimes a bad experience with wasted money. As a travel agency we assure economical prices and great deals with guaranteed quality. Our vision is to become your trusted travel agency who is there for you In every need and step of the road.

Our Values

-We value our clients and their need or preferences. -We try to make a difference with all our services. -Professionalism and dedication to achieve the best.


Marco Travel is always looking for collaborations with companies offering services related to travel. With more than 500 collaboration we have made it possible to intermediate between different companies to create the best packages for our clients.

Some of our current collaborations:

-All-Inclusive Resorts (Mainly in Turkey)
-Flight Companies (Italy, Albania, Turkey, Austria, Dubai, Spain, Greece…)
-Hospitals, Policlinics, Aesthetic centers
-And many more…

If you are looking to collaborate with us make sure you contact us:

E-mail: info@marcotravel.it